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New Album Coming Summer 2017


Thank you for supporting me through the years as a musician and songwriter. The boys and I are excited to release our next record titled, "young or old," late summer of 2017. As always, our music will eventually be on most digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify. But this particular campaign will help jump start our desire to release this project on vinyl.

As you all know, the music industry is brutal. With CD sales nearly extinct and the streaming world soaking up much of our work, we as artist have very minimal time to make any kind of impression.

That being said, I do believe that we have the ability to be creative as ever in this wild west DIY world of music to make lasting impressions. 

For me, having our record on vinyl puts the music physically in the hands of our listeners. The idea of purposeful listening is a hopeful thought. That we can put Netflix on hold, our Spotify playlist on pause and our smart phones on silent (and in our pockets),  and sit in a room alone or with friends and enjoy music again.

While the digital stuff will be available later in the fall, we wanted to give our backers a chance to own and enjoy this analog moment before it gets swept away and lost forever in the digital world. 

Help us in anyway possible. Every little bit counts. Don't have a record player? Get one. lol, or buy the record for someone who does. At the very least, it will be a cool piece of wall art. The vinyl record will come with a digital download card.

Young or Old Preview 

Magnolia Bloom Available On iTunes And Spotify