Magnolia Bloom Video Release.


The Story of Magnolia Bloom-

To understand where we are and the people that surround us, I believe we have to go back in time; back to a place where our fear for adventure lacked, and our dreams were unspoiled by time. The story of that special someone in our life begins way before we ever meet them. The question, "why?" comes to mind when I think of how I arrived at this moment. Why with them? Why now... For me, that question takes me back to the days of when I was a young boy living in Atlanta. The days I used to dream. I remember having this enormous magnolia tree in my yard.  For hours, I would get lost in its branches that overhung the streets of my youth. It was my escape, my hiding place, my wishing tree.  Sitting up high in the tree, I would take the small red seeds from the cones, make a wish, and throw them to the ground below. I wished for many things, but the one thing that stands out the most was my wish for a beautiful girl that would dream as big as me and desire to live life to its fullest alongside me. I believe that wish was planted that day, and grew to be my beautiful, one of a kind “magnolia bloom.

That story is revealed here in this video through a song I wrote called, "Magnolia Bloom.

Much love for the support I had in bringing this story to life from my friends at Munn Brothers Film. Jonathan, Christopher and Melody Munn, thank you so much for a beautiful collaboration.  A special thanks to my long time friend, Brad Binion, for making it sound outstanding and for generally having great ideas. My love goes out to The Collins Quarter for opening your doors and allowing the use of your beautiful space.